Le guide de voyage dans les Alpes de Haute-Provence

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Alpes-de-Haute-Provence travel guide

Alpes de Haute Provence department is one of the least populated departments of France, this does not stop being a French tourist destination of first order.

You can organize or book a kind trip, a ski and mountain sports, a relaxing holiday and discover authentic villages in & hellip;.

To ski or enjoy the resorts in summer, you can go in the stations of the Ubaye valley (Pra Loup, Le Sauze ...) Valley Blanche (Saint Jean Montclar, Chabanon-Selonnet, Seyne Grand Puy ...) and Upper Verdon valley (Val d'Allos ...).

For sports activities (water sports, climbing, mountain biking, hiking ...) you can also enjoy the Gorges du Verdon, artificial lakes of Serre-Ponçon, Sainte Croix and Castillon and natural parks .

The Luberon natural park awaits for hiking but also to discover the villages of the Luberon natural park of Verdon also, the natural park of Mercantour is located partially on the Alpes de Haute Provence in part of the Maritime Alps you can practice hiking, but also discover the remarkable architectural heritage of the region (the Alps Colmars, Allos, Barcelonnette ...).

Also visit Digne les Bains and Sisteron. Many villages in the Alpes de Haute Provence hold the label Village and towns of character, including Annot, Castellane, Cruis, Colmars, Dolphin, Entrevaux, Lurs Mane, Moustiers Sainte Marie, Laugh, Seyne Simiane the Rotunda). Téléchargez votre guide de voyage gratuit pour Alpes de Haute-Provence en pdf avec cartes touristiques, infos pratiques et descriptifs complets des lieux de visite et restauration. Les guides pour Alpes de Haute-Provence comportent les principaux sites touristiques, quelques restaurants et attractions principales de la destination.Certains guides vous donnent plus d'informations qu'un guide papier traditionnel, d'autres sont plus courts et appropriés pour une visite rapide des lieux.

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