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The Venice of the North, Bruges, attracts many tourists. This beautiful city in the special atmosphere is worth a stay. You will find many weekend deals or stay discovery of Bruges, or you can simply book a hotel and discover the city for yourself. The city has its charm in every season but lost its tranquility summer because of the crowds of tourists.

Tips to prepare your city break in Bruges

Bruges is only 300 kilometers from Paris, this is a journey that so we can easily do by car: the latter however will be completely useless or even cumbersome in Bruges .

An interesting solution in terms of price: carpooling, a relatively developed formula in Belgium. This is why as part of a short stay two or three days of the weekend for example, the best way to reach Bruges remains the train: Thalys made the direct link between Paris North station and Bruges, 2:30.

A train leaves at the very end of the day to go back early in the morning to return. If you book at the last moment, you are guaranteed to pay dearly for your ticket! Plan your trip a good time in advance (over a month) to take advantage of the lowest rates.

Once there, Bruges is essentially covered on foot to visit the town center, canal boat ...

Renting a bike can be fun for the weekend. If necessary, the transport links are there. In short, no problem getting around.

Bruges The offer of accommodation is wide, but it also has high prices in total: stay in a hotel or B & B from the center of Bruges, for all the charm that grants the stay, will not accessible to all budgets. Look towards more peripheral and less expensive addresses, or hostel accommodation to limit the budget.

Two or three days are a good compromise for taking the time to visit the city's main historical sites and museums, walk around and enjoy the atmosphere ...

In general, prices in Bruges are equivalent to what is known in France. Keep some room in your suitcase to bring chocolate and beer in Bruges.

If you plan to multiply the visits, then Brugge City Card is a purchase quickly pays: valid 48 or 72 hours, it includes entry to major museums and attractions, a ride on the canals, a tour guide, discounts on transportation, etc. . Téléchargez votre guide de voyage gratuit pour Bruges en pdf avec cartes touristiques, infos pratiques et descriptifs complets des lieux de visite et restauration. Les guides pour Bruges comportent les principaux sites touristiques, quelques restaurants et attractions principales de la destination.Certains guides vous donnent plus d'informations qu'un guide papier traditionnel, d'autres sont plus courts et appropriés pour une visite rapide des lieux.

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