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Ghent, the beautiful Flemish

Easily accessible, interesting, lively and with a beautiful heritage, Ghent is an excellent learning Flemish culture. Ghent (or Gent in Dutch) is a Belgian city full of charm. Located at the confluence of the Lys and Scheldt, it promises you pleasant romantic walks along the waterfront, but also account for its history. The birthplace of Charles V brings indeed many monuments including Saint Bavo Cathedral, the Castle of the Counts of Flanders and an imposing Belfry.

Ghent is a city of history. During the Middle Ages it was one of the richest and most powerful d'Europe traces of this rich past can be clearly seen, just look at the imposing architecture of churches and the stunning homes of the rich traders.

Ghent is also a university city with over 50,000 students. Enjoy and vitality as a result of his student life, lively especially at night. For dinner or a drink go on the side of the Patershol neighborhood of Sint-Groentenmarkt or Baafsplein. Patershol has many restaurants of various specialties: Flemish, Asian, etc ... Téléchargez votre guide de voyage gratuit pour Gand en pdf avec cartes touristiques, infos pratiques et descriptifs complets des lieux de visite et restauration. Les guides pour Gand comportent les principaux sites touristiques, quelques restaurants et attractions principales de la destination.Certains guides vous donnent plus d'informations qu'un guide papier traditionnel, d'autres sont plus courts et appropriés pour une visite rapide des lieux.

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