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The canton of Vaud, between city and countryside

mountains, beautiful countryside and lakes, Vaud harbors varied and unspoiled landscapes: a setting that calls for green tourism, but not only ...
Thus, throughout the Lake Geneva some cities are well worth visiting: Lausanne and the Swiss Riviera with Montreux, Vevey ... in these cities, the quality of life is impeccable! Although interconnected, it is easy to get around the region by rail (regional train) or by road. By car, you will have ample opportunity to explore the countryside of Vaud every corner
With such a nature, added to the busy cities, activities abound in the canton of Vaux. Sports water on Lake Geneva, outdoor sports and winter sports, hiking in the forest or in the mountains, on foot or bicycle, discovering vineyards around Lavaux (Unesco), but also discover the heritage and the many cultural events in the region ... a busy route! Téléchargez votre guide de voyage gratuit pour Canton de Vaud en pdf avec cartes touristiques, infos pratiques et descriptifs complets des lieux de visite et restauration. Les guides pour Canton de Vaud comportent les principaux sites touristiques, quelques restaurants et attractions principales de la destination.Certains guides vous donnent plus d'informations qu'un guide papier traditionnel, d'autres sont plus courts et appropriés pour une visite rapide des lieux.

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