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    I'm french and speak only english. I'll spend 12 days in Sofia and I speak a lot about it with my physical therapists since they're bulagarian. I paid for everything and now I need the most informations I can to visit Sofia and around. I know which places I want to go and and I want to go by local bus and NOT AT ALL WITH SPECIAL BUSES ORGANIZED WITH TOURISTS, NO WAY, I WANT TO BE WITH BULGARIAN PEOPLE. I would need and love very much a map of destinations of local buses. For exemple, I want to go to the site of Plovdiv, to Witocha and Boyana, to Bodogradchik. It's to give you an idea. I have a very bad health with 2 very serious diseases. Because of that, I need no stress. That's why I'm asking you now to send me maps of local buses itineraires from Sofia so that I can show to my threrapists. All of them go to Bulgaria for holidays but they are from Varna. I'll show them the maps and they'll help me in advance.
    Thank you very much for your help and undestanding.
    Miss Dominique ARMOIRY


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