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Hamburg, tourism department, is one of the most attractive cities of Germany. Lively, cultural, international, Hamburg is proof that there is not that Berlin to visit in this country!

Located on the Elbe River in northern Germany, Hamburg, a former Hanseatic city, is a port power. In this role probably comes from its openness to the world. Badly bombed during the Second World War, Hamburg lost its nineteenth cache, but looks to the future. Cultural vitality enchants visitors assets between museums (Hamburg Museum, Kunsthalle ...), opera, concerts ... not to mention one of the big advantages of Hamburg's nightlife, which turns red night side the Reeperbahn, clubs and bars for adults.

Hamburg, diverse city! Téléchargez votre guide de voyage gratuit pour Hambourg en pdf avec cartes touristiques, infos pratiques et descriptifs complets des lieux de visite et restauration. Les guides pour Hambourg comportent les principaux sites touristiques, quelques restaurants et attractions principales de la destination.Certains guides vous donnent plus d'informations qu'un guide papier traditionnel, d'autres sont plus courts et appropriés pour une visite rapide des lieux.

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